How "Collaboration Ready" Are You? A Upcoming Webinar

An upcoming webinar in mid-September from the producers of the E2 Social and E2 Innovate conferences is about collaboration readiness. Sara Roberts from Roberts Golden Consulting is presenting:

The enterprise social road is littered with the remains of technology platform efforts gone wrong. Of course, all very well intended but many were sorely lacking the foundation that is needed to make collaboration work and sustain in their organizations.

Often technologies are implemented without crystal clear goals. Without concrete measures of what success would look like. Without an explicit link to the business strategy. And, often many have overlooked or minimized the work that needs to be done to ensure that the right expectations, culture, behaviors, and incentives are woven into the organization to drive these new practices.

It’s easy to underestimate being ‘collaboration ready.’ We believe that humans are smart, resourceful and they’ll adapt to what needs to be done should they be given the proper tools and see the path lined out ahead of them. It goes much deeper than meets the eye though. Certain traits have to be present in an organization for collaboration to flourish. Predictors such as creativity, risk tolerance, transparency, and trust among peers and across levels.

In this webcast, we’ll explore the traits that successful collaborative companies share as well as how to assess your organization’s aptitude and maturity to gauge success and identify bright spots and weaknesses. We’ll take a sneak peek into Roberts Golden’s “Collaboration Readiness” Maturity Model and their assessment tool to get at what your organization needs to thrive.

Looks like it will be a good session.

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