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User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition)—Martin White's Review

Martin White from Intranet Focus in the United Kingdom has received his copy of the second edition of User Adoption Strategies, and has just posted his review. It’s the first I’ve seen:

It concerns me that there is a common view in organisations that collaboration within the organisation has been very poor (usually with no evidence to support the assertion) and the only solution is to adopt new IT applications. If only it was that easy. The reality is that any new IT application will require people to change the way that they work to achieve what they see as the same outcome. If the level of user adoption is low (even among people in the same team) then not only will the IT investment have been wasted but collaboration effectiveness may have been adversely affected.

If you recognise the need to have a strategy to increase user adoption then the second edition of Michael Sampson’s User Adoption Strategies book will give you twenty to choose from.

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(Thanks Martin! And thanks for your feedback and advice during the writing of the second edition too – always much appreciated.)

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