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Getting Back, Going Away, and Finishing the (Next) Book

Although my body has been back in New Zealand for 10 days since my recent two-week business trip to the United States, it’s only in the past day or two that I’ve started to feel the rest of me is here too. It was a big trip with many important commitments, and it really took the stuffing out of me. Last week was a write-off for anything creative (and important). But I’m starting to feel human again, and may even contemplating starting getting up early again in a few days. Don’t get me wrong – it was a great trip, and I’m glad for the opportunities it afforded. But the post-travel hit to productivity, effectiveness, and all things good was/is significant.

My next trip is to Sydney next week, for the second annual Intranets conference run by Step Two Designs. Last year I had the privilege of keynoting on collaboration at the inaugural conference, and this year I have an equal privilege of talking about collaboration again. My presentation is focused on the human and cultural aspects of effective collaboration, and I have almost completed the mindmap of what I want to say. While my thinking is very much aligned with the foundational principles in Collaboration Roadmap, there’s some new content and ideas too. Collaboration Roadmap (the book) lays an important foundation for my work with clients, but there’s some new ground to explore once I can get book 5 (see below) finished and out the door.

The remainder of my May is filled with a variety of other projects, and I’ve firewalled off the first couple of weeks of June to finally finish the second edition of User Adoption Strategies. I’ve been updating the manuscript on-and-off since December—basically as soon as Collaboration Roadmap was done, I started on Rev2 of User Adoption Strategies, but it’s not completed yet. I just want to “find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book” (my favourite Bilbo line from The Lord of the Rings), and am planning on early June for that. The book includes updates from two years of user adoption workshops and consulting, completely new survey data (and a full page infographic for each strategy), and a chapter on measuring user adoption. The latter is causing its fair share of trouble, and that’s mainly what I need to finish in June. The rest of it is basically done, except for including the comments and corrections from my editor.

So that’s my current backstory. Hope things are well in your world …

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