There's Product Announcements and There's Creative Product Announcements – for iPad Fits into the Latter provides a way of integrating SharePoint documents, data, and people information into Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, and … now the iPad and iPhone. The team at created a very creative way of making the announcement.

The press release breaks with traditional ‘corporate speak’, with its opening paragraph stating:

Hey, corporate America, ever feel like you are too connected? Well, hate to break it you, but is about to fuel your iPad addiction. Today, the social software provider is going mobile and unveiling the first-ever product to bring Microsoft® SharePoint® document collaboration and social interactions to the iPad – “ for iPad.” In plain English, that means the mobile business community worldwide can easily join the one million existing desktop users to securely share documents, get real-time document and colleague status update, and connect with colleagues anywhere, anytime.

And then there’s the spoof news segment from “Channel 7 WHKD”:

Very fun. If you have SharePoint and an iPad, you’d better check it out.

(As an aside, at SHARE 2012 in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I was facilitating a mini-session on SharePoint adoption. One participant started speaking about how well their adoption efforts were going thanks to the addition of He didn’t realize that Yaacov from was sitting directly across from him – and so I made the connection.)

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