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Comments on Attending and Speaking at AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending and speaking at AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne. I was only able to attend for the day, in light of my other recent and upcoming travel commitments … which made for an awfully long day. I was up at 2.20am in New Zealand, and after going to Melbourne for the day and back again, made it back to bed at 1.15am on Friday morning. I guess that’s the reality of business travel (sometimes).

In terms of the event:
Ed Brill, Ted Stanton, and Stuart Duguid of IBM started the proceedings with a shared keynote. Ed talked about IBM’s vision for social business, Ted covered some recent case studies, and Stuart gave some demonstrations of current and upcoming things. Since I attended Lotusphere in January, I personally had seen the demos before, but it was new for many of the attendees.
– My session was on User Adoption Strategies for IBM Connections. This was based on all of the work I have done over recent years on user adoption, and included the first ever airing of the results of my 2012 survey on how IBM Connections customers are approaching user adoption. Connections customers made up almost half of the respondents, with SharePoint respondents being the other half. I’ll talk about the SharePoint results for the first time at Share 2012 in three weeks.
– I attended Adam Brown’s session on Kudos Badges and gamification within IBM Connections. Adam is of ISW fame, an IBM Premier Business Partner in Australia. Gamification has to be done right to help with user adoption, and as I said to Adam after his session, I was gratified to see the maturing in his thinking and approach around constructs such as the leader board. I had a few other ideas for him too … let’s see how many of those make it into the product and his presentations in the months ahead.
– During lunch there was a “5 minute stand-up and talk about something you’re passionate about.” Mat Newman, the conference chair, collared me 10 minutes before the session started, and asked me to talk about my 10 kids. So I presented “Yes, I really do have 10 kids.” It was fun, there were *lots* of questions—”What kind of vehicle do you drive?” (a 12-seat Ford Transit minibus), “Do you have a TV?” (no), and “Is that just with one wife?” (yes, she’s amazing).
– There were other sessions during the afternoon, but I had various meetings with people instead of attending sessions. And at 4pm I had to start the journey back to Christchurch.

All in all, a very good day. I was glad to be able to participate. Thanks to Mat and the other members of the organizing team for (a) coordinating a great event – and all through Connections apparently, and (b) for finding a space for me to talk on user adoption.

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  1. Mate,
    Thanks SO much for making the effort to attend AusLUG 2012, your session was extremely well received and one of the highlights of the event according to many attendees.
    We look forward to having you over again next year and despite your protestations to the contrary, we are sure you will have something worthwhile to say.
    Thanks Michael!