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How Do You Collaborate Best? On The Smarter Office Blog

On The Smarter Office blog, I asked earlier this week How Do You Collaborate Best?:

There are many ways of collaborating — working with other people towards a common outcome. Collaboration enjoys a broad definition, and thus can support many styles. Being gregarious, loud, and larger-than-life may be perceived as the dominant ideal, but that’s far from the reality. Your preference for collaborating with others can vary on many dimensions, such as:
– Voice or Text.
– Face-to-Face or Remote.
– Small group or Large group.
– Known group or Anonymous group.
– Create or Respond.

I know it’s very broad-brushed, and that the associated survey (please take two minutes to fill it out) is binary on each dimension, and that collaboration preferences have lots of nuance … but do you have a preference for a collaboration style? (by preference, I mean what you would prefer to do most of the time).

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  1. I did your survey, but I have a (significant) problem with it: my preferred approach to collaboration depends heavily on the task at hand. Sometimes a small number of people in person is the only way to get something done. Sometimes the principles are in different cities or countries and time zones, so f2f is not feasible. I answered based on the collaborative project I started this past week at my local hospital.