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Congres Intranet 2012 – The Slide Deck

Last week I keynoted at Congres Intranet 2012 in Utrecht. My keynote was on encouraging and facilitating collaboration at work. A slightly revised deck is above – I’ve taken out the extra slides that only work when presented in person.

Here’s some comments on the slides:

  • Slides 4 to 7 … a bit about myself. Many of the people at the conference did not have a copy of one or more of my books. Some of the attendees rapidly fixed that after my keynote – I’d taken a box of books up from New Zealand.
  • Slides 8 to 14 … while the intranet often has four components, the time people spend on the different components is not equal. In slides 13-14, I show the relative weight of time that someone would use the four components during the day – with collaboration being the biggest by far. We had a little bit of fun with singing during these slides … but you had to be there for that.
  • Slides 15 to 36 … given the centrality of collaboration to the intranet, I set the context with “3 C’s” – chemistry (the four elements of collaboration), culture (some collaborative values and how these play out in different ways in organizations), and contexts (the scenarios in which we are collaborating).
  • Slides 37 to 83 … in bringing together the discussion of the intranet reality and the nature of collaboration, I oriented the remainder of my talk about five barriers to collaboration (slide 41). For each I provided some guidance on how to encourage and facilitate collaboration. The “game” (slides 50-51) is about showing commonality between people, and in the audience of 600 at the conference, it worked like a treat. A few people said they were going to re-use the idea at one of their upcoming events.
  • Slides 84 to 87 … my closing thoughts.

As I said on the video post, I enjoyed my day at the conference in Utrecht. Thanks to Entopic for inviting me, and to the many delegates for their feedback both on and after the day.

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  1. The slides are interesting, but really need your full explanation. Was there a full video of the keynote?