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On Growing Up

Nicholas writes about growing up and rites of passage:

For us as individuals there are many rites of passage which handled well allow us to ‘grow up’. To become the person who can do amazing things and contribute to family, firm and society. It’s similar for an organisation. For all organisations, small and large. Here and there. Whatever the sector, wherever on the globe, tough times present the definitive rite of passage. And in the way they handle that challenge there is a clear divergence of approach. There are those who do grow up. Discussions about coffee machines, hotel allowances and bonuses recede. The ‘country club’ atmosphere which has grown unhealthily in abundant times can be dropped quickly and a focused ‘war room’ mentality swung into action. Customer segments are re-assessed, pricing policies toughened and clear leadership instigated. And there are those who are unable to meet the rite of passage. Who decline the opportunity. Who fail to realise childhood was great. Being a teen was great. But now it’s time to move on. Sadly these hunker down, talk about the old days and attempt to fuel a business through deals and cost cutting. Rites of Passage are for a purpose: organisations which take them become more focused, more effective and more exciting places to work.

What do you need to do next as part of growing up – personally, at work, and with/for your employees/clients/business partners?

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