It's Almost Time to Fly …

In about 24 hours I’ll be driving toward Christchurch Airport, to begin 40 hours of travel to get to Europe. Some of the engagements I’m heading up for have been in the works for 12 months or more, so it will be great to finally be there.

My schedule for next week:
– Monday (Netherlands) – an afternoon workshop on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint and collaboration tools.
– Tuesday (Netherlands) – at Congres Intranet 2012. I’m speaking on collaboration culture.
– Wednesday (Brussels) – in-house workshop on user adoption.
– Thursday (London) – Collaboration Master Class with Martin White.
– Friday (London) – various meetings. I have a couple of hours spare in the afternoon – from 3-5pm in Central London, so if you want to meet up for coffee and a chat, please let me know.

Then I’m spending the weekend flying back to New Zealand, and turning 40 while that happens.

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