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Fluent – Making Email More Twitter-Like

Fluent is a new service that integrates with Gmail to present a Twitter-like email experience:

The latest harbinger of that transition is Fluent, a new service that integrates with Gmail (and eventually, its creators say, with other email platforms) to deliver messages in the flowing fashion of a social media feed. The service, built by a team of former Google developers — the guys responsible for Wave, but don’t hold that against them — converts Gmail’s grids into a message-sharing service that’s more dynamic and fluid than any kind of letter-writing has been before, giving way to an inbox that’s not a box at all so much as a Twitter-like feed of information.

Looks good.


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  1. Interesting concept, though what happens to the email types that don’t require immediate response? The problem with streams is that historical information can be difficult to remember, even if it’s important.