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Huddle Sync Enters Private Beta

Huddle introduced the private beta of Huddle Sync, for synchronization of files across multiple devices and for collaborative work.

What makes Huddle Sync diferent?
Unlike personal sync tools currently used in business, Huddle Sync gives you complete visibility of all content across the entire enterprise that may be of interest, considerably reducing duplication of effort. Users have access to the relevant content in the corporate knowledge store at all times and can download other files of interest as needed, which reduces required bandwidth.

How secure is Huddle Sync?
Huddle Sync offers full transparency of where corporate data is stored, who has synced what files and full audit trails for each file. Permissions set against workspaces and folders dictate who can view and interact with documents, which prevents possible data leaks. All transmissions are encrypted at 256-bit SSL. If a device that holds enterprise data is lost or stolen, it can be wiped remotely.

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