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Mobile Access to the Intranet – Survey

I’ve been a long term believer in mobile access to collaborative systems, and as the Intranet becomes a habitat for many people, mobile access is important. Sabel Online and Frankwatching in the Netherlands are currently running a survey on mobile access to the Intranet:

This research is about the use, needs and developments of intranet.

Sabel Online and Frankwatching perform this research to learn more about the status of the mobile intranet in and outside the Netherlands.

Common terms used in this survey are ‘mobile intranet’ and ‘mobile devices’.
‘Mobile intranet is intranet developed and shaped for a smartphone
(a mobile phone with expanded computer possibilities) or tablet
(a handheld computer, for example an iPad). In this survey these devices
are addressed as ‘mobile devices’.

If this is of interest to you and your organization, please take the survey.

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