Cloud Service for Health Care

Optum introduced a cloud service for health care, to increase the effectiveness of patient care:

The health care cloud environment from Optum simplifies the lives of caregivers, innovators and health IT managers – those whose work has the greatest impact on patient care and on the performance of the health system. The health care cloud from Optum helps these health professionals communicate and access essential health intelligence more efficiently, create and deploy health applications quickly and manage technology in their offices or across networks with ease.

The health care cloud from Optum features secure text and video chat capabilities to help health professionals connect, communicate and collaborate with other health professionals and with patients. These capabilities are necessary for full participation in Accountable Care Organizations and other emerging care models that require more effective collaboration. It also includes productivity tools that easily integrate with a range of health IT systems to help doctors, nurses and other clinicians, and health administrators organize their information and resources in one, simple interface, accessible securely from any Internet-connected device.

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One thought on “Cloud Service for Health Care

  1. Collaborating and continuing a growth of education in medicine is fantastic, especially when you share everything via Cloud. Now is the perfect time to get doctors online and working with the incoming technologically advanced medical school graduates.
    Thanks for your piece of health IT news!

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