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James Robertson on Collaboration Roadmap – "there's no other book like this"

James Robertson from Step Two Designs recently posted his review of Collaboration Roadmap. After setting the background from his vantage point, James writes:

The book starts by exploring the technology options, through the lens of Michael’s models, including the Seven Pillars and Four Connectors. These help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different types of collaboration tools, and how they can potentially fit together.

Much of the rest of the book focuses on how to strategically approach deployment and adoption, starting with creating a compelling vision, through to governance and engagement.

Be warned though: this book will make you think. Michael’s greatest strength as an expert and author is creating models and frameworks for collaboration, and this book is packed with them. I would encourage most readers to dip into sections as required, and to use each model at the point of need to guide design and planning.

In short: there’s no other book like this. If want to do collaboration successfully, get this book.

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(Thanks James!)

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