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Information Hubs in SmartDraw 2012 – "Similar to Mind Maps"

SmartDraw added a way of creating information hubs in the 2012 release of its SmartDraw software:

… this new template because it is a great way to organize documents, visuals, links, and all types of complex information. We have already received some great feedback from customers and seen some great examples of how they are using hubs to create instant organization for their teams. Hubs are an easy way to give anyone in your organization, whether it’s a new hire or upper management, a quick and easy way to access information.

Hubs let you mix and match the type of information you organize from documents to presentations, spreadsheets, visuals, hyperlinks, or even other hubs. You can group related items into logical hierarchies and mark them with easy-to-understand icons.

It is very much like what a mind map can do – and how I’ve used mind maps before. It’s a good use of the tool.

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