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iPad in the Enterprise

MobileBeat says that CEO ego is driving the adoption of iPads in the enterprise:

iPads have taken over the boardroom, and corporate CEOs and their egos are to thank for the somewhat surprising trend. At least, that’s the consensus among a panel of cloud computing and enterprise experts who gathered to discuss the reality and implications of mobile devices infiltrating the office.

But it was years before the enterprise opened its arms and accepted Apple’s iPhone into the mobile fold, so why has the iPad been able to leapfrog this long adoption cycle? The panel talked about new business environment factors, the large-screen form factor and access to cloud services as logical explanations, but perhaps it all boils down to CEO ego.

I’ve just finished the initial analysis of a research survey on enterprise mobility, and the data in the survey aligns with what was said at the above event. It’s senior executives that are leading the charge.

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