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RPost for Outlook – Easy Access to Encrypted Communications

RPost announced an update to its plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to simplify access to email encryption capabilities:

… a light plug-in that adds a special “Send Registered” button to the Outlook toolbar for on-demand functionality.

This RPost extension presents the email sender with award-winning services that integrate fluidly with Outlook’s standard user interface. RPost’s “Send Registered” button is placed right next to the standard “Send” button in the standard Outlook toolbar, giving the user the simplest possible option of assigning the RPost added functionality to high-value outbound messages.

There are also new capabilities aimed at developers.

RPost provides add-ins for a broad range of desktop, mobile, and web applications.

My Comments
1. Email encryption capabilities have been around for a long time, but too many of the early offerings were complex to use. A different single click is the best model for client side software. For enterprise installments, more intelligence for automatic encryption when needed is a better way to proceed.

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