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"I just want to find somewhere quiet to finish my book"

I have been quiet here for the past few months, and the reason is–like Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings–that I’ve been writing. My next book is just over a week away from going to the printer. The book is Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology – Now What? and has been on my task list ever since completing SharePoint Roadmap in mid-2009. But it’s almost done now – just a few pages here and there in three remaining chapters – and it’s done.

I’m very happy with it. The reviewers have been very positive in their feedback.

The book goes to the printer on November 21. I will sign off the proofs on November 24. Then while I’m at Share 2011 in Sydney (November 27-30) the book will be printed. I expect to be able to send out orders starting on Monday December 5 – just in time for delivery by Christmas.

Have you ordered your copy yet?

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  1. Hi Michael, will you release a digital version as well? I read nearly all of my books on my Kindle these days, so if you publish it e.g. on Amazon, I’ll wait for that

  2. Rene, at this time I plan to only make it available in paper form. It’s a much bigger book than the previous two, and is beautifully laid out :-). Publishing to Kindle would ruin that.

  3. Ok, will get the printed version then. But will probably wait for the end of the year before I order it. Reminder in the calendar is set!