CSCW 2012 – Personal Information Management in a Socially Networked World

CSCW is an annual conference by ACM on Computer Supported Cooperative Work – one of the academic focal points around collaboration. It’s being held in Seattle in February 2012. While I’d love to attend, my other travel commitments from January-May 2012 will probably preclude me doing so.

Nonetheless, this workshop caught my attention:

Personal Information Management in a Socially Networked World (see PIM 2012):

The Sixth International Workshop on Personal Information Management (PIM 2012) will be held as part of CSCW 2012. Personal Information Management (PIM) is the practice and study of the activities people perform to acquire, organize, maintain, and retrieve personal information for everyday use.

The theme for this year’s workshop is “PIM in a Socially Networked World.” While PIM 2012 is a forum for a wide range of topics related to personal information management, special focus will be given to topics from the perspective of sharing personal information, PIM used in collaborative settings, and how PIM is an extension of the self.

Wow, would love to be at that.

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