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Management of IT Devices in the UK — 38% of IT Managers Worried

Research commissioned by Kaspersky Lab, a malware company, found that 38% of IT managers in the UK have concerns about their ability to manage the proliferating number and range of devices:

Over a third (38 per cent) of IT managers in the UK doubt they can centrally control all the smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops within the business …. The findings reveal a worrying lack of confidence and control in IT departments across the UK when it comes to desktop and mobile IT devices. A third of respondents feel that they do not have enough visibility of what devices are being used for and the applications being downloaded onto them by end users. This could be exposing the business to serious security risks and make company IT networks vulnerable to data breaches and malware infection.

My Comments
1. Kaspersky Lab has an interest in helping IT managers deal with these risks, so read the results with due care. However, other research I have seen reflects a similar sentiment about the proliferation of devices.

2. Except in top secret government agencies, the ability to prevent people from using a multitude of “non-corporate” devices for doing their work is diminishing rapidly. Clearly having a strategy for dealing with the security risks – a la Kaspersky in line with clear policy – is vital.

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