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BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint — Update on Calendar Integration

Last week I pointed to RIM’s announcement on its BlackBerry Client for SharePoint. The calendar integration to the BlackBerry calendar was of particular interest to me, as I haven’t seen this done before.

I asked RIM for confirmation on its approach to calendar integration, and the answer was that an individual user can copy an individual meeting from SharePoint to the BlackBerry calendar, or vice versa. In other words, an individual can’t subscribe to the calendar as a whole and have that integrate into their BlackBerry calendar – it’s a meeting-by-meeting copy from SharePoint to BlackBerry. I don’t have access to the BlackBerry Client for SharePoint, but my assumption on this approach, then, is that if the meeting changes in SharePoint, the BlackBerry calendar will not automatically update.

It’s a good first step, but more is needed on the calendar integration.

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