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Nukona Takes Funding; Will Ramp Up Development of BYOD Product

Nukona provides tools to support the “bring your own device” (BYOD) that some firms are experimenting with (and more employees wish they were):

The new mobile enterprise makes life a lot easier for employees on the road.

But it brings many challenges for IT professionals, charged with ensuring the security of corporate data, the enforcement of corporate policies and the maintaining of regulatory compliance.

Departments want to deploy new mobile apps. Employees expect to be able to “BYOD” – Bring Your Own Device – and use their latest consumer devices for both business and personal use.

Nukona App Center has been designed to make it easy for IT to manage in this environment. Our unique policy management solution requires no changes to the apps. No SDK’s. No API’s. And full support for both native and web apps.

A couple of weeks ago it announced that it had taken funding from Citrix Systems Startup Accelerator program.

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