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IBM XWork Server – for Web and Mobile Applications

Ed Brill of IBM announced the IBM XWork Server, a new server in the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 family. It’s designed to reinvigorate the ISV channel around developing applications on Domino:

Tomorrow, IBM will announce IBM XWork Server 8.5.3. The new server is part of the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 family, but with a completely different licensing approach, different branding, and different packaging (installer). The new IBM XWork Server will be available for ordering tomorrow, and the software release is scheduled for Friday, October 7, in English.

Main ideas:
– It’s a new server for application development and hosting on Notes/Domino – with a particular licensing approach that’s different from Domino Server.
– It will host and serve up any regular Domino application – including the newer style XPages, and the more established LotusScript and @functions.
– The sense is that the XWork Server will be an element in an overall application offer from an ISV, rather than a standalone server purchased by corporations. Of course the latter are able to do that; but the intent is towards the ISV channel.

A few comments:

1. Yes, the ISV channel made Notes/Domino what it was … and re-kindling that would make a big difference. This is a good sign of ongoing support from IBM.

2. Mobile is positioned as an integral part of this server. I have felt for a long time that IBM wasn’t doing enough in the mobile space for Domino applications – although the past couple of years have shown an overall commitment to mobile per se. See my September 2009 article on Messaging News, Mobile and Wireless Access to Collaboration Systems: What’s Happened.

3. Overall, good stuff.

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