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SharePoint: #1 Challenge is User Adoption

Global360 is running its SharePoint Survey for Fall 2011:

It is time again for our semi-annual SharePoint Survey! As SharePoint quickly evolves into a platform for delivering tailored business applications, it is important that we can evaluate the rapidly developing trends and features of the SharePoint landscape today. This is why we run our SharePoint survey every six months.

The latest survey will focus on new topics like SharePoint in the cloud, end user training, and 3rd party apps.

From early results (as above), the #1 challenge facing organizations with SharePoint is user adoption.

My Comments
1. By all means, take the survey. Getting good data on what’s going on is in everyone’s interest.

2. I hadn’t caught up on the fact that Open Text acquired Global360 in July. Interesting.

3. Re the user adoption challenge – taking the survey will help capture the extent of the problem, but buying a copy of my book on user adoption will help you do something about it.