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Huddle Case Study: AxiCom

Huddle published a case study on how AxiCom, a global PR agency, is using Huddle to collaborate:

To provide clients and account teams with full transparency of project timelines, allocated tasks, and content requiring review and approval, AxiCom deployed a number of branded Huddle workspaces. As well as being the ideal place to keep brainstorm ideas and all information relating to a campaign or project, many teams also use Huddle as an image repository. Using Huddle’s media viewer, people can instantly view content within their workspaces.

Rather than sending clients weekly, monthly or quarterly reports in an email, including large attachments, account teams now notify clients as soon their latest report is uploaded in Huddle. Everything they need access to is in the workspace and comments can be added directly to files. By reducing the amount of time spent on chasing approvals and dealing with administration, AxiCom’s account teams can focus on delivering creative and innovative ideas to their clients.

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