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Attensa on Reducing Information Overload

Attensa released a new whitepaper, entitled A Framework for Reducing Information Overload in the Enterprise. I’ve written about Attensa before, like what they do, and recommend that you take a read of the new white paper.

One page 2 the scope is set as:

In this Attensa white paper, we will look at the effect that this “super-abundance” of information has on the enterprise and offer a framework for addressing the challenges it creates for both the knowledge worker and the organization.

Key points in the whitepaper:
– Knowledge workers have to deal with an incredible volume of information each day, from multiple disparate sources.
– Being better informed is helpful, but creates a set of challenges too.
– The real challenge isn’t overload per se, but the difficulty of extracting relevant knowledge from the information deluge.
– Information needs to be “managed and made productive” (great phrase).
– Making better use of valuable information will result in better business value being delivered.
– Various research studies – by analyst firms and inhouse research groups – have shown the decrease of productivity from information overload, especially via email.
– Attensa believes organizations need new technology-enabled processes to “organize, filter, and intelligently deliver relevant information and knowledge” to the information worker. While hard to argue with in theory, the company also believes it has the technology to make it happen – via the Attensa StreamServer.

Register to download your copy.

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  1. Michael,
    Great recap of the paper. If you or your readers want a sneak peek at the soon-to-be released enhancements to Attensa StreamServer via WebEx, let me know. I’m at
    Also, feel free to reach out to discuss:
    — Why managing your attention is more feasible and productive than managing information
    — Or specific use cases for Attensa in the corporate environment & public sector (namely competitive intelligence,internal/corp communications, rapid researching in fields like Pharma, Legal, Govt., etc.)
    Continued success,
    aka @MarkAEvertz on Twitter & Attensa Marketing Director.