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Hacking Kinect for 3D Teleconferencing

Engadget reports on a recent hacking of Microsoft Kinect to create 3D teleconferencing:

Now, a team of researchers have gone and thrown it all together to achieve 3D video chats, and if we do say so, the result is greater than a sum of its parts. The group, based out of UNC-Chapel Hill, uses 3D mapping (and at least four Kinects) to render the video, and then employs headtracking on the receiving end so that people tuning in will actually see the live video in 3D, even without wearing 3D glasses. The result: a tableau that follows you as you move your head and spin around restlessly in your desk chair waiting for the meeting to end.

My Comments
1. Very impressive – great to see consumer gaming technology being used for business applications like this. I hope the team continues their research and brings this to market.

2. The eye-tracking efforts are interesting. One of the big problems in many video conferencing systems is that because you aren’t looking at the camera, but rather at the screen, it looks like you are not looking at the remote party. If this unit can adjust this using computational algorithms, it will get my thumbs-up.

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  1. does this 3d teleconference work with new intel thinkness netbook with cedra processor with 4G and cloud???
    reported by clkwong@ in Internet!!!