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Fujitsu Lifebook Notebook – with Inbuilt Data Projector

Fujitsu announced the forthcoming release of a data projector “bay” for the Lifebook P771 and S761 notebooks, for on-the-go presentations:

Fujitsu today unveils the latest ‘must-have’ device for the business professional: the world’s first projector built in to a modular notebook bay. The fold-out Fujitsu Bay Projector is ready to use in seconds and means no external beamer or external cables are required to share slides, spreadsheets or YouTube videos with colleagues or friends.
Available from July as an option for the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P771 and LIFEBOOK S761 notebooks, the patented Fujitsu Bay Projector adds convenience and mobility. Set-up is simple: the built-in beamer is immediately ready to use once the lens and bulb are folded out of the DVD-size modular bay and clicked into place.
The Bay Projector works on almost any surface. Brightness and keystone correction are adjusted directly via built-in buttons, and laser beam technology provides high contrast and color depth to guarantee crisp, clear images. In addition to its portability, the Bay Projector is quieter and more robust than a traditional beamer, whose lens bulbs are easily damaged.

My Comments
1. Awesome! Wow! Very cool! As someone who has to often carry a laptop and a data projector, this is just awesome. A Fujitsu Lifebook just got promoted to a “must-consider” device on my “next Windows-based laptop” shopping list.

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  1. It’s an good idea but that laptop looks like something out of the 90s! A separate pico projector and a decent laptop such as your 13″ MacBook Pro would surely be a better combo. 😉

  2. Sure it’s black, but doesn’t look that bad! I guess the trade-off will come down to lumens onboard the bay projector – vs. the 15-50 lumens on a pico projector.