Avaya one-X Mobile Client

Avaya released an update to the Avaya one-X Mobile client, for links people with handheld devices and smartphones to Avaya’s unified communications platform. Key enhancements are:

– Support for new devices including: Android-based devices such the Samsung Galaxy II; Apple MAC OS, Apple iPhone 3GS and 4G, and RIM/Blackberry touchscreen devices in addition to Symbian and Windows-based operating systems
– A new SIP client for Apple iOS on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone enabling UC and voice over wifi or cellular networks
– Presence status of team members available across Avaya endpoints and soft clients – including Microsoft OCS – and mobile devices
– Unified call logs, contact lists and voice messages across all endpoints and soft clients
– Consolidation of mobile UC client applications, management and administration onto a single, virtualised server reduces IT support requirements and operating costs for low total cost of ownership.

There are 37 photos available on Flickr.

My Comments
1. That’s an impressive range of supported mobile devices, although it looks like they are ordered for the “cool” factor. Note that Windows is last.

2. Staying in touch – intelligently – when out and about is critically important. What Avaya has delivered sounds great, but of course, the proof is in the actual user experience.

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