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(Intranets2011) "Intranet Features That Staff Love" – Andrew Wright

Andrew from CIBA Solutions talked about intranet features that staff love, here at Intranets2011. He talked about the intranet from an end user perspective.

Key points:
– What’s most important to an intranet that’s valuable? Highest three – (a) finding information, (b) content quality, and (c) performance and availability.
– The top 8 intranet qualities – the key focus is on helping people get their work done. Eg., uploading and downloading documents, finding instructions for completing work tasks, and organization and industry news.
– How to improve findability? (a) reduce content volume – less things to search. (b) provide easy access to key information. (c) use web analytics and adjust based on feedback.
– How to people complete work tasks – (a) identify key tasks, (b) develop online forms, and (c) have a single location for all tasks/forms.
– Staying engaged with the business – (a) meet regularly with business groups and the stakeholders, (b) audit all content – does it help / work, and (c) regularly analyze intranet activities.
– The final word – practice makes you good. Start now.

To finish, Andrew showed the famous people who have failed video from YouTube.

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