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(Intranets2011) "Three Success Stories from using Yammer at DET" – Karina Smith & Ellen Geraghty

After a great lunch at Intranets2011, Karina and Ellen from the Department of Education & Training in NSW talked about the use of Yammer. The two speakers talked about three success stories.

Key points:
– (Success story) For a teacher struggling with finding English language support for a new student from Korea, they found support and ideas via Yammer on how to deal with it. And equally, it provided an opportunity for the expert to contribute, and point to available resources.
– Executives are brought into the conversations – but not from a political authority view.
– People are using Yammer for work activities – connecting and collaborating on how to teach subject matters, developing teaching tools, how to teach better, technology and IT support, and feedback on policy.
– There are various groups and communities – some on school things (“boys education strategies,” “school administrative managers”) as well as personal things (“ipad group”).
– Feedback from staff, “It’s fantastic. It stops us thinking that we are alone.”

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