(Intranets2011) "Global Intranet Strategies and Trends" – Jane McConnell, NetStrategy/JMC

Jane presented the opening keynote at Intranets2011, on intranet strategies and trends. Key points:
– This is the first time Jane has been in Australia, but she knows many of the people here, as a result of participation in the Global Intranets Trends annual survey.
– We are at a make-or-break moment for Intranets.
– We’ve been on a journey – from tightly controlled intranets (by Communications), to the business coming in, to the addition of governance, and the introduction of social media.
– Jane showed various models for integrating these different world.
– There have been two big shifts:
– … 1st shift – from intranet (content) to collaboration
– … 2nd shift – transparency, networked collaboration, and self-organization. Very different values, different ways of working.
– Jane said to focus on three things:
– … (1) set up a cross-organizational steering group, or “Digital Board.”
– … (2) make a wider-promise on the start page, but it has to be carried through.
– … (3) focus on enabling operational groups to work, rather than organizational groups.

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