(Intranets2011) Welcome to Intranets2011 – James Robertson, Step Two Designs

James started the Intranets2011 conference. Key points:
– We’ve been doing Intranets for 10 years. They haven’t changed much in that time.
– But that’s changing. (a) Technology is new and updated – SharePoint, social, collaborative tools. It’s about working differently. (b) Technology for delivering solutions is better – can be more responsive, more nimble. (c) The biggest change though – the ability to see what other people are doing with Intranets. The greater ability to share knowledge among the community of Intranet people.
– This is through – LinkedIn groups, Intranet blogs, Intranet conferences.

The Step Two team have done some great things:
– Powerboards at each table, for laptop power. This doesn’t usually happen – well done.
– An “Intranet Doctor” session, with an opportunity for discussions with the keynote speakers and others. People have to book the time for this.
– A promise of running ruthlessly to time. As James said, “We hate conferences that run late.”

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