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eProductivity for Lotus Notes: New Standalone Editions, New Pricing, and More

Eric Mack and team at eProductivity announced a new a new set of standalone editions for eProductivity, GTD-software for Lotus Notes:

eProductivity, an app for IBM Lotus Notes, provides you with the tools you need to most effectively manage the flood of email and other “stuff” coming at you every day.

Busy professionals often feel overwhelmed with the volume of work-related information they have to process and manage. Emails, memos, voicemail, text messages, and more.

Making sense of everything quickly and effectively is essential.

There are three key benefits of using eProductivity, according to the web site:
1. Spend less time processing.
2. Keep focused on what’s important.
3. Make optimal choices … and reduce your stress.

My Comments
1. Eric’s a long time friend, and I congratulate him and his team on this next step in their product roadmap. There’s been a lot of thinking put into how to bring the value of eProductivity to a wider group of people. And I really like the new website – it’s a quantum leap forward for all involved. Kudos.

2. I really like the way the customer testimonials are presented – with a picture, and with a LinkedIn profile connector. It signals real endorsements – readers can check it out directly if they wish to connect via LinkedIn.

3. Make sure you check out the Weekly Review Coach, as a way of ensuring the weekly review gets done effectively. It’s a pretty neat way of facilitating the process, and even David Allen loves it.

4. If you use Lotus Notes and want to improve your productivity, I recommend you take a look at eProductivity.

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