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KnowledgeMill in the Construction Industry

Graeme from KnowledgeMill talked about how its smart email management service is being used in the construction industry:

KnowledgeMill’s smart email management solution, initially developed for the legal market, is being adopted in the construction industry and other verticals. Today the company revealed how the power of its innovation has delivered significant business results for Jerram Falkus Construction Limited (Jerram Falkus).

Hisham Anis, CEO of KnowledgeMill, said, “Much of the information that construction companies have is unstructured data residing in word processing documents, email, presentations, rich-media files, spreadsheets and other file types. For many construction companies, presenting and delivering this content to the business is a significant challenge that they are failing to address fully.”

My Comments
1. There are some pretty cool features and capabilities in KnowledgeMill. If you haven’t looked at what it offers, it’s worth a 30-minute grazing one afternoon.

2. The automated routing of inbound replies to messages stamped with a project code is pretty compelling in many applications. Keeping everything together, automatically organized, is well done in KnowledgeMill.

3. For more on the iPhone and iPad use of KnowledgeMill, see OnePlace at the App Store.

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