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New Pricing for Huddle – (a) Locks Out Small Groups, (b) Should Have an Annual Discount

Update (January 2013): This is a blog post from March 2011. Huddle’s pricing has moved on since then, so please check with Huddle about the current pricing. What’s noted here is no longer current, but I have retained it for historical purposes.

Huddle released a new pricing strategy for its online collaboration service:

My Comments
1. The previous approach was incrementally tiered at 1, starting at 1. One user $15, two users $30, three users $45, etc.

2. This new approach is a signal that Huddle wants to focus on groups of 10 or more. It’s now uneconomical for smaller groups. Either Huddle has looked at its customer base and found that 90% or more are groups of over 10, and thus want to emphasize this grouping size. Or they are saying they want to get out of dealing with small groups, because it’s a pain / annoyance, etc.

3. If you’re paying annually, I think there should be about a 20% discount on service fees. That kind of approach is common for other services. I’d be hoping that Huddle would drop the per user fee, paid annually in advance, from $15 to $12.

4. It’s “Currency,” not “Currecny.” But perhaps that’s an attempt to get more New York people to sign up 🙂

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