Making Microsoft Office More Collaborative: The Google Approach

Google will soon release a new tool, Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, that enables users to upload their Microsoft Office documents to Google Apps, and then work collaboratively on them with others.

Google plans to formally introduce the new Google tool, called Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, later this week after releasing it to early testers in November. The company says it takes Office files, uploads them to Google’s servers and gives them a unique Web address so they and can be accessed through Google Docs from any Internet-connected device. The files can also be accessed from within Office.

Once the files are on the Web–also called the “cloud,” in industry parlance—documents can be shared and simultaneously edited by multiple people, Google says. The tool allows people to comment on documents online and display those comments so they are visible to others, Google says. Cloud Connect is free to individual users and paying customers for Google Apps.

The technology is based on technology developed at DocVerse, which Google acquired.

Google will be hoping that customers keep the editions of Office they already have, and use its services to add collaboration. Microsoft will be hoping that customers upgrade to the more recent editions of Office, and use its services to add collaboration (such as Office Web Apps in Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010).

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  1. Hey there, They should delete themselves when you close the file. They are the temporary auto-save files used to recover the document if the system crashes. Next time you finish with a few documents close Word. Wait about 2 minutes. Then check if they have gone.