New Lenovo Laptops, including the W520 Mobile Workstation

My current favorite for a non-Mac laptop is Lenovo. Solid. Reliable. I have both a W500 and W510, and they are nice machines. Anyway, Lenovo has new laptops on offer:

Lenovo today announced six new ThinkPad laptops – the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 – that maximize performance and offer a higher level of productivity for today’s mobile business professionals. These laptops are built upon a platform of new Lenovo innovations that respond to key business needs including: video and voice calling, smart PC features for power and performance management, all-day battery life, enterprise management and an intuitive, easy-to-use computing experience.

The W520 mobile workstation that many in the SharePoint community use as a mobile SharePoint 2010 server, the replacement for the W510, provides “twice the performance of previous models.”

Lenovo has put some work into making these new laptops better for video and voice calling:

The laptops include a variety of technologies for enhanced video and voice conferencing. Private Chat and Conference Call microphone modes allow users to switch easily between modes with a single mouse click. Private Chat mode can also use noise cancelling technology to focus on a single voice, while Conference Call mode opens the audio capture field to 360 degrees around the notebook, allowing for multiple user interaction in the room.

The laptops also include keyboard noise suppression technology to help eliminate the distracting keyboard clicking that often occurs while typing during PC-based voice calls. The laptops can also help users avoid embarrassing conference call mistakes with a dedicated LED-lit microphone mute key which indicates when the microphone is sending audio.

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