Jon Mell on a "Day without Email"

Jon Mell (of IBM now and Headshift previously) had to go e-mail-less a few days ago, and he didn’t die. In fact, it appeared that good things came to him as a result:

Our email system is fully integrated with instant messaging, so when I received an email most often the person who sent it was still on line, so my first reaction was to simply right click and responded through our chat system.

If people weren’t online, I called them.

If I needed to send a file, I uploaded it to our social platform (IBM Connections) and Connections sent the email notification on my behalf.

If I needed to ask a question, I posted it on their board (they got a email notification from Connections). In fact, this ended up being far more effective than email. As the questions were public, some other people jumped in and added to the answer.

24 hours without email has left Jon a changed man – “Now my email is back – but it’s going to be the last collaboration tool I reach for, rather than the first.

I often say in my seminars and workshops that the fastest way to stop people sending attachments and use a shared space instead is to set the maximum attachment size in mail to 5 KB. Jon’s given me another idea – 10 MB quotas and 24-hour delays to getting more.

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