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Four Ways to Get Fired – Probably Best to Avoid These!

The Small & Medium Business Centre at HP NZ publishes a mix of business and technology articles. Invariably there is something that catches my eye each month, such as this one on how to get fired at work:

Too late: you’ve said it now; you can’t take the words back. In the office kitchen, you told a colleague how bad the senior management is in your company. You were talking quietly, but when you came out of the kitchen, the boss was standing there. He looked at you and you know he heard every word. If only you’d kept your mouth shut!

All of us have said things we later regret, but the trouble is that if you do so at work, it could cause problems. Someone who is discontented, and who openly criticises senior management to colleagues, will be seen as someone who spreads negativity – which is bad for the company and bad for business. And in the long run, this could cost you your job.

So the best way to avoid it is simply to decide not to talk about certain things at work.

The four pieces of advice are:
– Don’t criticize senior management to your colleagues. If you have an issue, seek them out and ask for a discussion.
– Don’t show reluctance to good ideas. You’ll be painted as having a negative attitude.
– Don’t say “yes” to everything. You can’t do everything. So don’t be too eager.
– Arrogance is a bad idea.

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