Earthquake – Redux, but More Serious

Christchurch was hit with a new earthquake today – a 6.3 magnitude, and much closer to the central city. Our house started to shake at 12.53pm, and it didn’t seem as big to us this time as the original one on September 4. For us out at Greendale, September 4 was huge. If that one had hit the city, there would have been vast amounts of devastation and death.

Unfortunately, what happened today was much closer to the city, and it did lead to vast amounts of devastation and death.

A number of people are dead and scores trapped after a large quake struck Christchurch this afternoon.

Police said two buses had been crushed by falling debris, while witnesses said screams could be heard coming from the Pyne Gould Business building where up to 150 people were feared trapped.

The airport was closed to all but emergency flights and Lyttelton tunnel was shut. Christchurch Hospital remained open but was also damaged.

Hospitals around the South Island were being cleared to take the earthquake injured.

St John’s Ambulance had run out of ambulances and was using four wheel drives to get the injured out.

Defence Forces have been called in to assist with the earthquake recovery.

Christchurch Cathedral, the heart of the city, has largely collapsed.

Power was out in 80 percent of the city, as large aftershocks continued.

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My Prayer
As a Christian, this is my prayer:

Lord God, maker of heaven and earth, please help us to recognize that your kingdom can not be shaken. As everything down here shakes around us, may we learn to value what is truly valuable, may we bring comfort to those that mourn, and may we set our hearts and minds on things above.

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