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Expecting Collaboration – Making It Part of the Culture

Monitor is a consulting firm that works with organizations to help them grow. They believe in collaboration – with clients, within the firm, and with the community. Look at the language they use to describe their culture with respect to working with each other:

Our client work is only as effective as our team work; the fluid exchange of ideas and feedback, from all players, is critical to a project’s success. Having an opinion isn’t just welcomed—it’s expected. Your willingness and ability to work as a member of a team is one of the critical skills we test for in the group interview stage of our recruiting process.

Consultants coming to Monitor from other consulting firms often comment on how different the level of collaboration feels here. As one of our European consultants put it, “Having worked for one of our big competitors, I’m happy to work in a firm that places such great importance on collaboration. While everyone is certainly driven, there’s little sense of competition among one another. Instead, there is a real camaraderie, where everyone seems to operate with an open door policy, and is happy to help a colleague.”

Key points:
– A belief that effective team work precedes effective client work.
– The exchange of ideas between all players is essential and expected.
– Monitor hires based on collaborative behaviors.
– Collaboration doesn’t mean being weak – it’s about being strong together.

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