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The Change Process – 7 Tips to Stay on Top of What's Happening

A recent article from Dale Carnegie Training offers seven tips for staying on top of organizational change. I write about change in my book on user adoption, and this article outlines a very complementary set of tips on change:

Engaging workplace change can be an unpredictable experience because processes and people evolve in diverse ways as they undergo change. No two individuals will respond in exactly the same way to workplace changes. In the same way, identical changes implemented in multiple areas of an organization can produce distinctly different outcomes. These tips show you how to stay on top of the change engagement process by thoroughly preparing for it, while allowing for various outcomes. These tips allow you to take a structured approach to organizational change and still maintain flexibility.

– (1) Find the motivation for change
– (2) Analyze the situation
– (3) Plan the direction – for implementing the change
– (4) Make the change – either gradually or abruptly (depending on various factors)
– (5) Review the direction – monitor what’s actually happening
– (6) The change becomes part of the “new way” of doing things
– (7) Adjust – if the change is not working as planned

I’d call out an 8th tip too – expand and reinforce the change – but that may actually fall under tip 6. Regardless, make sure it happens!

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