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Slideshare Launches Zipcast – Online Meetings for Everyone

Slideshare changed the dynamics of giving presentations – conference speakers could now leverage their conference work to reach a broader audience beyond their assigned meeting slot, and people who didn’t get an invitation to talk at the conference could put their thoughts up alongside those who did.

Last week, Slideshare took a big leap into online meetings, with the launch of Zipcast.

Have you ever wished you could jump into an online meeting from anywhere? Or start meetings instantly? Now you can. No need to download software or wait five minutes for a meeting to start. Open your browser and with one click you’re in a Zipcast meeting!

The pricing is simple – every SlideShare user has access to Zipcast for free for conducting public meetings. All Pro users get additional functionality like (a) ad removal, (b) private, password-protected meetings accessible only to people invited by the host and (c) audio conferencing.

As Slideshare becomes the place where people share ideas graphically, it will become natural to take what you have shared broadly online, and use it to create a conversation with a person or group. Slideshare is gunning to become the place from which presentations are delivered and conversations are started.

This is going to hurt Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting.

To get started, Slideshare has a list of 10 ways to use Zipcast. Eg., #1 is:

Share ideas with colleagues: You want to share an idea with colleagues e.g., you want to share product specs with remote colleagues. Or you want to just share a presentation that you saw on SlideShare e.g., Mary Meekers’s latest mobile projections. Just start up a private Zipcast and invite your colleagues by giving them the link over IM.

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