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Getting a 50% Increase in Productivity – A Central Desktop Case Study

Increase Visibility, an online marketing services firm, is using Central Desktop to support team communication and client tracking. A case study on the Central Desktop web site says:

With more than 300 clients, five company divisions and 15 teams, Increase Visibility needed a central hub to house all of its project and client information. Each client had numerous files and documents associated with its account that needed to be saved somewhere that the entire team could access. The team also needed an easy way to hold internal discussions about the client projects.

Using Central Desktop as a centralized repository for files and discussions improved Increase Visibility’s productivity by at least 50%. Fabiano also felt that because the teams were communicating more effectively through Central Desktop, Increase Visibility enjoyed a 25% increase in client retention.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

Productivity is the ratio of input to output. There are three ways to increase productivity:
– By reducing the input (time, resources) while holding the output steady.
– By holding input steady while increasing output (more stuff).
– By doing both – reduced input and increased output.

For Increase Visibility to “improve productivity by at least 50%,” that would be mean:
– Firing 33% of staff and still servicing the same number of clients and projects.
– Holding staff numbers steady while servicing 50% as many clients and projects.
– A combination of both – such as firing 20% of staff and servicing 20% more clients.

The case study doesn’t say which approach was taken – I think it would be good to be more clear if such high numbers are presented.

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