A Week into Things

My home-built system for tracking projects and actions started to die … the technology was quitting multiple times throughout the day, and it was just not working. Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears!!

I did a bit of exploration and settled on using Things from Cultured Code.

Some notes:

– It works on both my iMac and iPad. Sync works fine too – using WiFi on the same network. It doesn’t work on my BlackBerry, but would work on an iPhone if I had such a device.

– Sync is only between devices, not to a secure Things service somewhere. I’d like to see that come along, so I could then have multiple Mac computers sharing the same Things data. Eg., my MacBook Pro and iMac.

– I’m slowly getting used to a new way of doing things – setting out projects and creating next actions in Things rather than the old system. I think it’s going to work out.

– Previously I couldn’t have my projects and action lists on a mobile device. Now I can – using the iPad. I like it better this way.

– I wish you could set it to sort projects automatically by title, rather than having to click the buttons to do it every time you add a new project.

Overall, highly recommended.

Link: Things for Mac

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