AdeoServe Launches in the United Kingdom – Hosted and Managed SharePoint

During a drive to Camberley one late night in October 2010, after Seb Matthews retrieved me from LHR (after I’d waited for 2 hours to pass through border control – which, incidentally was longer than it took to fly from Denmark), he told me about the work they were doing behind the scenes on a new set of hosted and managed services for SharePoint. There was some cool technology discussed, including network traffic optimization kit from a New Zealand vendor. Anyway, the behind-the-scenes work is now front-and-center, and AdeoServe is ready to serve:

AdeoPoint, a leading Microsoft SharePoint partner in the United Kingdom today announced the launch of AdeoServe – a full range of hosted and managed services for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010.


Commercially, AdeoServe is built around a range of monthly payment models, avoiding the capital expenditure usually associated with the design, development and deployment of a solution such as SharePoint; making a truly end-to-end operational model for SharePoint possible for the first time.

I’ll be following the trajectory of AdeoServe with interest, and will have a “6-week in” discussion with Seb when I see him and the team in the UK in late March.

Read more: AdeoPoint Unveils Hosted and Managed Services for Microsoft SharePoint

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