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2011 Enterprise Sales Driver – Collaboration is #1

Gartner said collaboration software would be a major driver of enterprise sales in Australia and the rest of the world in 2011.
– Australian sales in all categories would top AUD$5.5 billion, with “collaboration, content management, social software, business intelligence (BI) and supply chain management leading the way.
– Gartner broke “collaboration” down into “web conferencing and team collaboration.”
– Worldwide the figure is $US253.7 billion.

For 2011 to 2015, the highest instances of software market growth will align to the business requirements of attracting and retaining customers, enhancing business processes, improving collaboration and social networking, managing content of all types, reporting of performance and results transparency, and workforce effectiveness and flexibility.

So the big question is: spending the money doesn’t equate with getting benefits. How are you rethinking your business and planning for user adoption of new approaches and tools? That sounds like what I help organizations with.

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