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OneNote App for iPhone

Microsoft recently released an iPhone app for OneNote 2010 and the OneNote Web App.

It’s official – the OneNote iPhone app is here, so you can say goodbye to scribbled notes and crumpled papers. Whether you use an iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Office Web Apps, OneNote is the perfect way to capture ideas and stay on top of your notes, no matter where the inspiration may strike.

You can access:
– Your OneNote journals
– Notes, organized by category
– Checklists
– To Dos
– … and more.

App Store: Microsoft OneNote

This is a big signal that Microsoft recognizes the huge uptake of the iPhone among its customers, and that Microsoft is willing to look beyond Windows-based devices. I guess the iPhone uptake has put them in a difficult position – while OneNote is a great product, there are other offerings out there that work with the iPhone, so it’s a case of be on the iPhone real estate or turn people off OneNote and turn them onto alternatives – such as Evernote.

Now we need a SharePoint 2010 app from Microsoft too.

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