Organizational Network Analysis – A Great Session at KM World 2010

My colleague Eric Mack is attending and speaking at KM World in Washington DC this week. I talked to him this morning my time (4am in Norway, 11pm in DC), and he said that he had attended an “excellent” session on organizational network analysis as a pre-conference workshop.

The workshop, W13 – Organizational Network Analysis and Tools was presented by Patti Anklam.

To change or improve knowledge flow, it’s important to understand those current paths, which are often outside the formal organization structure. Social network analysis (SNA), along with its organizational counterpart organizational network analysis (ONA), provides a methodology to map these pathways to gain insights into how the organization really works. The methodology includes sensitivity to collecting data about people using different means, including surveys, using software to manage and analyze the data to create visual maps and detailed metrics. Metrics can provide information about the overall cohesiveness of the network as well as metrics about the roles that individuals play in the network, highlighting those who are in the best position to move around knowledge and ideas.

I wish I could have attended. If you missed it, like I did, Patti is the author of Net Work: A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World. I’m buying a copy.

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